Doggy day care sector is booming

Doggy day care sector is booming with owners spending £1.5bn a year on people to take their pet for walkies

Dog owners these days treat their pets more like family members, so it’s little wonder that businesses in the doggy day care sector are booming.

According to Tailster, an online directory of dog walkers and boarders, more than £1.5 billion is spent a year on dog walking.

And with media reports suggesting staff at these firms can earn well over the national average salary, the sight of small packs of hounds handled by a professional walker is now familiar at most local parks.

But as anyone who runs such an enterprise will tell you, it is not a walk in the park, and the lack of proper insurance cover could end up costing the business owner dear.

Three years ago, Dave and Anna France gave up full-time jobs with Royal Mail to run Best Paw Forward, offering dog walking and boarding services from their home in Bolton, Lancashire. Now they have about 100 dogs on their books.


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